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origami_diagram's Journal

Origami Diagrams
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looking for something interesting to fold? want to learn how to fold different things? this journal is for posting origami diagrams. you can post links to different diagrams, diagrams you've scanned or diagrams you've drawn, whether they be for already existing models or ones you've made yourselves!

it doesn't matter if you're an experienced folder or someone just learning, all are welcome!

the rules -

* all images must be posted behind an lj-cut. don't know how to do one? click here.
* no promoting other communities unless they are origami related.
* you may request diagrams but don't be upset if no one fills your request.
* when posting diagrams please add the post to the memories so that people can browse them.

if you're a beginner, here's a page listing origami symbols that you should become familar with.

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